We provide solutions-focussed skills training that enables participants to practice essential competencies in a supportive and safe environment. Our trainers are all appropriately qualified and bring a wealth of management experience to share with participants.

Workshops can be tailored to full or half-days depending on your requirements and currently include:

Key skills for front line managers

This highly interactive one-day workshop provides an overview of key people skills for front line managers. Delegates will learn the basic skills for handling conflict, poor performance and absence and learn principles to motivate others and to delegate successfully. This workshop is packed with real-life scenarios and practical problem-solving opportunities.

Away Days

We will work with you on designing a format and approach that meets your needs and desired outcomes. These may, for example, include how to approach a new project, how to move through major change, how to initiate new ways of working and how to set priorities for the year.

Managing grievances and misconduct

This one-day workshop will update you on the legal position regarding the management of grievances and misconduct in the workplace. It will also give you the confidence to address
grievances and misconduct in a timely, proportionate and effective manner.

Executive Coaching

We work alongside individuals to improve specific aspects of their working role such as self-management, management style, interpersonal skills, etc. We help them see opportunities
for improvement and practical ways forward. Their improved performance and wellbeing improves results at an organisational level.

Team Building & Team Working

This interactive workshop will help you identify factors that enhance or undermine your team’s cohesion and effectiveness. You will identify what is working well and what needs to change through facilitated group problemsolving and goal-setting. Everyone will be encouraged to develop their skills and practice new techniques.

Assertiveness for all

This one-day workshop will describe the five main ways we relate to others and will help you to identify your preferred way of relating. You will learn how to develop key relationship-enhancement and self-protective skills and will take away some practical tools to help you
continue your assertiveness journey. Ideal for people who find themselves thinking or feeling that they should do one thing and end up doing another.

Coaching skills for managers

Many organisations now expect their managers to coach their team members. This one day workshop will introduce you to key coaching skills and techniques that make a real difference. You will use different coaching models and practice asking powerful questions, giving feedback, and adapting your coaching to a range of situations.

Managing difficult conversations

Practical expert-led training on how to handle difficult conversations in the workplace. This one-day interactive workshop will give you the confidence and tools to deal effectively with workplace matters promptly, and with less stress and anxiety. We cover preparation, questioning and listening techniques. We also give you the opportunity to practice ‘difficult conversations’ during role plays within a safe and supportive training environment.

Managing sickness absence

This one-day workshop will provide delegates with the essential skills to investigate and manage instances of absence fairly. We will show you how to improve attendance levels and how to conduct effective return to work interviews. The workshop will cover informal and formal action and will help you develop the confidence to have open conversations with employees and to apply a structured and transparent approach to dealing effectively with various kinds of sickness absence.

Introduction to Mediation

This half-day introductory course will help you consider the implications of introducing mediation into your organisation. Delegates will leave with a clear understanding of what workplace mediation is (and what it isn’t), the principles of mediation and how it can benefit your  organisation or team.

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