Mediation and dispute resolution

Conflict at work is almost inevitable and uncontrolled conflict is particularly damaging if handled badly. The negative consequences include long-term sickness absence, grievances, legal threats and the sheer emotional drain on those involved.

I have been mediating individual and group conflicts for over 10 years and have a success rate of about 90%. That success rate is supported by post-mediation feedback from both participants and commissioners.

Mediation is typically described as a process whereby an impartial third party (the mediator) enables two or more people to significantly improve their working relationship.

But my approach delivers much more than this. My clients complete the mediation process not only with their immediate conflict resolved, but also equipped to handle subsequent difficult interpersonal issues in a much more constructive way. It is not unusual for participants to remark that they intend to use their newly acquired skills and insights to help them improve other relationships. So, mediation becomes not just a one-off problem-solving exercise but part of the organisation’s continuing professional development leaving you with more capable and highly motivated employees.

Furthermore, my approach helps people process what are sometimes very intense feelings and emotions which they might otherwise take back to the workplace. As one participant recently put it, “The experience was both therapeutic and edifying”. Participants come away feeling emotionally lifted and affirmed as people.

So, if this is the kind of mediation experience that would benefit your employees, then please ring me for an initial no-obligation discussion and feel free to read the downloadable mediation resources and client testimonials.

Please see testimonials from the employees and commissioning managers.

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