Colegrave Primary School

Independent Salary Reviews

Case No. 1

The headteacher of a large inner-city school requested a review of her remuneration and the chair of governors asked us to make an independent and reasoned assessment of the grounds for that review. We developed a completely new methodology that took account of the school’s unique social context, OFSTED data and the remuneration of other headteachers in similar but different schools. The report outlined several options each with a robust justification which, in the words of the Chair:

“Made it easy for us as a governing body to come to an otherwise difficult decision”.

Case No. 2

The headteacher of a very large inner-city school requested a review of her remuneration. We interviewed the head teacher and found that her duties had not significantly changed and that she was already being paid very well compared with her peers in similar or larger schools. Although the headteacher was disappointed with the outcome, the Governors accepted our recommendation.

Project Details

ClientColegrave Primary School, Newham, London
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