Disciplinary Investigation

Disciplinary Investigations

Case No. 1

The interim headteacher of a very large secondary school that had seen its OFSTED rating fall from excellent to special measures within a year asked us to investigate allegations of gross financial negligence against the School Bursar. The investigation found evidence that the Bursar’s failure to monitor a range of contracts constituted potential gross misconduct and a Governor’s hearing summarily dismissed him. The Bursar did not appeal. The Deputy Head of Schools HR was very impressed with the thoroughness and fairness of the investigation and has recommended us to other schools in the area.

Case No. 2

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) passed prima facie evidence to the school Governors indicating predatory sexual behaviour towards children by the head teacher. The teacher denied any involvement in sexual activity related to children but was unable to refute the evidence presented. He declined to attend the hearing citing ill health and was summarily dismissed by Governors on the grounds of gross misconduct. He will never again work with children.

Case No. 3

The CPS provided evidence to the school Governors that a certain teacher was present at a house at the time an Operation Trident Police raid found firearms and drugs . We investigated and concluded that the teacher was unwise to associate herself with those who were arrested and later convicted but that she had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time and was innocent. No further action was taken although the teacher was strongly counselled to reflect on the possible impact of her out of hours conduct on the school which she took to heart.

Project Details

ClientA very large secondary school, London
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